Senate Intel Committee Formally Requests Trump Financial Documents From Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Division

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The Senate Intelligence Committee has requested the Treasury Department’s criminal investigation division to prove documents on Trump, members of his administration, and members of his campaign. As Senator Mark Warner (D-VA) told CNN:

“We’ve made a request, to FinCEN [Financial Crimes Enforcement Network] in the Treasury Department, to make sure, not just for example vis-a-vis the President, but just overall our effort to try to follow the intel no matter where it leads.”

Among many other things, FinCEN is a lead agency fighting money laundering. This indicates that the investigation on Trump is going beyond Russia. As Warner explains, “You get materials that show if there have been, what level of financial ties between, I mean some of the stuff, some of the Trump-related officials, Trump campaign-related officials and other officials and where those dollars flow.” Warner added that the financial ties are “not necessarily from Russia.”

Money laundering, Russian or not, looks to be a new concern for the House Intelligence Committee. So much so that Mike Quigley (D-Il) visited Cyprus in April because the country “has a reputation as a laundromat for the Russians who are trying to avoid sanctions.” Quigley described the trip as extraordinarily helpful in understanding how the Russians launder money and why.”

Trump’s level of corruption gets bigger every day—would finding out he was laundering money for the Russians, or anyone else, even be surprising at this point?

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