JUST IN: White House Sources Just Revealed That Donald Trump Is LOSING HIS SH*T Right Now [DETAILS]

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After it had been revealed that Trump had given classified information to Russia, the White House felt like a “morgue,” according to the Daily Beast. That was Monday. Since Tuesday, when the New York Times reported that Trump asked former FBI Director James Comey to stop investigating Michael Flynn, things got worse. As one Trump official said:

“I don’t see how Trump isn’t completely f****d.”

And Trump is losing control. Not only is he lashing out at Jared Kushner, he’s screaming at almost everyone:

The endless flood of crises is starting to take a toll on overworked and unqualified staffers. One official complained that “I feel like running down the hallway with a fire extinguisher,” and that:

“Every time I feel like we’re getting a handle on the last Russia fiasco, a new one pops. I guess I was wrong about the timing. We can’t even wrap up one Russia fiasco before we’re on to the next one.”

Trump is unraveling, and with each story coming out that exposes his corruption, he’ll lose even more control until he is forced to resign, or he is finally removed.

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