What Donald Trump Did With The President Of Turkey Is HUMILIATING To All Americans! [WATCH HERE]

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Trump made his disdain for leaders like Angela Merkel very clear, but seemed to respect Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. When Erdoğan won a contested referendum that extended his powers as President and virtually removed all power from their parliament, Trump called to congratulate him—something. But even if Trump likes Erdoğan, that didn’t stop him from once again embarrassing the United States.

The first thing Trump did was mispronounce Erdoğan’s name. Phonetically, his name is pronounced ehr-doe-wahn. (If you have trouble remembering it, think Obi-Wan’s disappointing brother Erdo-Wan). Trump kept pronouncing it with a hard G:

A press conference with a fellow world leader is not the place to show ignorance—and Twitter erupted to point out Trump’s buffoonery:

Trump admires Erdoğan rising to autocracy, but can’t even say the guy’s name right.

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