Donald Trump Just Sent Out RIDICULOUS Email Begging Supporters To Send Him Money To Defend Against His “Scandals”

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Immediately after news broke that President Trump asked former FBI Director James Comey to cease his investigation into Michael Flynn, the Trump 2020 campaign sent a fundraiser e-mail to his supports, asking for money to help “drain the swamp.” Even worse, the email feeds into the conspiracy theorist mindset of many Trump followers, blaming not just the media, but “unelected bureaucracy” and “special interests” trying to sabotage his attempt to make “America First.”

Here is the entire e-mail:

The rhetoric of this email, quoting white nationalist Steve Bannon, is some of the most alarming yet. Now Trump is saying that everyone who opposes him is an enemy to America, and must be “drained.” Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper warned that “our institutions are under assault” by Trump; Trump threatening to “drain the swamp” of everyone against him proves Clapper was right.

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