Donald Trump, Jr. Tweets PATHETIC Defense Of His Father, Immediately Gets A BRUTAL Response!

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Today Donald Trump Jr. retweeted a message from Fox News host Geraldo Rivera which defended Donald Trump’s request for FBI Director James Comey to end his investigation of fired national security adviser Michael Flynn.

“News Flash, @realDonaldTrump hoping @JamesComeyFBI cuts @MikeFlynn some slack because he is a ‘good man’ is not close to #Obstruction,” Rivera tweeted Wednesday morning.

“Truth,” Trump Jr. commented while retweeting Rivera’s tweet.

This tweet follows the bombshell news that Donald Trump last week revealed highly classified intelligence to top Russian diplomats, and that on the day Flynn was fired — Comey wrote a memo that Trump had asked him to back off the ousted national security adviser.

Comey wrote in the memo that Trump told him “I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting Flynn go,” the report said.

The White House has denied the report, which Democrats say would constitute obstruction of justice if true.

When Trump, Jr. retweeted the above, some reporters on Twitter quickly jumped on the tweet, claiming it was evidence that Trump Jr. was confirming the details of Comey’s memo.

Trump Jr. quickly tweeted back that he was not confirming Comey’s memo, saying, “Give me a break. Me agreeing with someone’s interpretation of a theory does nothing of the sort. You’re trying way to hard.”

Others on Twitter had a field day calling Trump Jr. out:

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