Donald Trump HUMILIATES National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster, Calls Him “A Pain Who Talks Too Much”

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According to The New York Times, Donald Trump called national security adviser H.R. McMaster “a pain” and complained that he talks too much in meetings.

Some senior advisers worry about leaving Trump alone during meetings with foreign leaders, the report said.

From The Times:

There is a fear among some of Mr. Trump’s senior advisers about leaving him alone in meetings with foreign leaders out of concern he might speak out of turn. General McMaster, in particular, has tried to insert caveats or gentle corrections into conversations when he believes the president is straying off topic or onto boggy diplomatic ground.

This has, at times, chafed the president, according to two officials with knowledge of the situation. Mr. Trump, who still openly laments having to dismiss his first national security adviser, Michael T. Flynn, has groused that General McMaster talks too much in meetings, and the president has referred to him as “a pain,” according to one of the officials.

After reports surfaced Monday that Trump had revealed highly classified intelligence to Russian officials, McMaster said outside the White House that the “story that came out tonight, as reported, is false.”

On Tuesday, McMaster said Trump did not jeopardize intelligence assets by revealing highly sensitive information to the Russians, adding that Trump did not know where the intel came from.

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