Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Mince Words About Donald Trump, “The Election Was Devastating”

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Hillary Clinton swiped at Donald Trump today while speaking at the “Women in the World Summit,” noting that she’s “pretty worried,” about current events in the U.S.

When asked how she’s doing, Clinton said, “You know what, I’m doing pretty well all things considered.”

“You know, the aftermath of the election was so devastating and everything that has come to light in the days and weeks since have also been troubling. So I had to make up my mind that ‘yes’ I was going to get out of bed, and ‘yes’ I was going to go for a lot of long walks in the woods and I was going to see my grandchildren and spend time with my family and friends.”

“I’ll put it this way: As a person I’m O.K. as an American I’m pretty worried,” Clinton added. “I think I’ll take off my person hat and put on my citizen hat and there’s a lot to be concerned about.”

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