WHOA! Donald Trump Dissed The First Lady In Public AGAIN! Why Does Melania Tolerate This??

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Mike Pence might not be well-liked, but at least he respects his wife (in his own way) even to the point that he took her to the demilitarized zone in Korea.

If someone tries to say that Trump also respects women—and need something beyond his horrible statements and bragging about sexual assault—the best rebuttal is to point out how Trump treats his wife, Melania.

In public, Trump hardly seems to notice that Melania is even there. Take this picture of the couple and their son, Barron, walking down the steps of Air Force One.

He forgot his trophy on the stairs

Melania is not only far back and away from Trump, looking like she is trying to keep her balance, but Trump is still walking—and showing his son to do the same. He couldn’t even wait for her at the bottom of the steps.

There’s also the inauguration, where Trump didn’t seem to want anything to do with Melania. Here’s the video of the Obamas meeting Trump at the White House.

Notice how Trump doesn’t wait for Melania to join him and how she comes around the corner with her head down.  But it’s the end of the video that shows the most amount of disrespect. Trump is about to become the President, Melania the First Lady. Does he take her hand and walk in with her as now the most powerful couple in the nation—maybe the world? No. He marches right on in without even glancing at her. It’s Obama who escorts Melania into the White House.

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