Watch Veteran Reporter Andrea Mitchell Get Scolded By Russian Minister For Asking Rex Tillerson A Question

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Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov scolded NBC News’s Andrea Mitchell when she tried asking Secretary of State Rex Tillerson a question.

“Mr. Secretary, the Russians don’t believe the intelligence,” she began during the pair’s press conference in Moscow. “How confident are you, Mr. Secretary—?”

Mitchell was unable to finish her question, as Lavrov interjected.

“Who was bringing you up?” Lavrov asked Mitchell in English, before switching to Russian. “Who was giving you your manners, you know?”

Mitchell was escorted from a State Department press conference in March after repeatedly trying to question Tillerson about China and Russia.

Mitchell criticized Tillerson on Monday for shunning the press when making major diplomatic trips, saying:

“You should not be flying into Beijing without a press corps. You should not be going to Moscow without the press corps. It’s wrong.”

Tillerson reportedly left the press pool behind when he went to the Kremlin earlier for an unannounced visit with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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