Watch CNN’s Jake Tapper EVISCERATE Russian Agent Carter Page, “Why Do You Always Side With The Kremlin?”

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Ex-Trump aide Carter Page said that “of course” he hasn’t acted as foreign agent, denying reports that he worked with the Russian government.

“Of course I wasn’t, Jake. This is — it’s just such a joke that it’s beyond words,” Page told CNN’s Jake Tapper on “The Lead” tonight.

The Washington Post reported Tuesday that a judge granted the FBI a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant last summer in order to monitor Page after providing probable cause that he had acted on behalf of a foreign country.

Page said if true, the Post report would be a “game-changer.”

“People can lie to the American public all they want in politics. What’s interesting about last night’s report is, if it’s true, there’s a different standard when it comes to evidence in court.

All of this false evidence that you’ve been hearing about myself with the dodgy dossier and other false reports going back through most of last summer, well, that will — that will have very different implications, so this is a real game-changer if it turns out to be true.”

Page answered CNN’s questions Wednesday about his ties to Russian officials at various points in time, denied any wrongdoing and continued to dismiss reports that he provided the spy with classified information.

“I never gave him any information which is material or classified or in any way improper,” Page said.

Tapper then pressed Page to be transparent and clear his name by sharing who hired him for the Trump campaign, but Page refused to provide a name.


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