Trump’s Voters DON’T BELIEVE He’s Played More Golf Than Obama In His First 3 Months, This Is UNREAL!

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Who spent more time playing golf in their first three months as President—Donald Trump or Barack Obama? If you answered “Donald Trump,” then you got that one right. Who didn’t get that one right? Trump voters.

A new Poll by Public Policy Polling asked participants who voted for each Presidential nominee to answer that same question.  53% of Trump voters believe that Obama played more golf in his first three months than Trump. 27% were not sure who played more. And 20% of Trump supporters actually did say that Trump spent more time on the green.

Meanwhile, Clinton voters were mostly aware of the how much Trump doesn’t work. 72% said Trump golfed more than Obama, 19% were not sure…and somehow, 9% of Clinton voters believed Obama went golfing more than Trump.

What we do know is that Trump so far spent 19 days on a golf course, and played at least 13 times, according to the New York Times. In contrast, in his first three months, Obama played no games of golf. Neither did George W. Bush in his first three months. Bill Clinton golfed a total of three times, according to the New York Times.

If it seems baffling that Trump supporters would think Obama spent more time on a golf course than Trump,  just watch Jimmy Kimmel’s last Lie Witness News segment, where Trump supporters defended Trump meeting with Bill Cosby, Charles Manson, and Joseph Stalin.  They believe what they want to believe.

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