Trump’s Border Wall Could Leave Some Americans On The “Mexican Side”, Trump’s Voters P*SSED OFF!

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The residents of the Rio Grande Valley spent much of the last decade losing a fight to stop a fence from putting them separating them from the U.S. As a result, some of them have to pass through a gate to get to their property. This was bad enough for the bilingual towns, where Americans and Mexicans share the Rio Grande as a water source. Now things are about to get worse, as Trump is working to build his wall and “seal them on the Mexican side”—but this time, the people of the Rio Grande Valley are going to fight even harder to protect their land, as NBC News reports.

Many of the residents are senior citizens, like Pamela Taylor, 88, and Juan Moreno, 64, and Eloisa Tamez, 82. All are against the wall, and might end up on the Mexican side, even if technically on American soil. As Moreno said, “I don’t know if I’m going to be in the U.S. or Mexico. It’s up to Trump.”

Already, the Texas Civil Rights Project is getting affected landowners to sign up to fight the “eminent domain “clause the government used before in court. They’re hoping that even if they don’t win, they can tie it up in courts long enough to stop it.

But the residents are ready to fight. “I think if they start that business again, I don’t know how much fight I’ll have left in me,” said Tamez. “But I’m going to fight it until the end.”

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