Trump Voter Upset That The Border Wall Will Put Her House On Mexico Side, And She’s Threatening To Sue!

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Many Texans voted for Trump because of his anti-immigrant stance, especially towards Mexicans. After all, what could be worse than having to live next to Mexican immigrants? Some Texans are soon going to find out—and will probably regret voting for Trump; the plans for the wall will force some of them to either sell their homes at a loss or live in Mexico.

But in Texan style, they won’t give up their land without a fight. Already, many of them are ready to go to court to fight for their homes. CNN found that many of them have already been to court for similar reasons when the fence went up ten years ago, and they haven’t forgotten the anger of losing those cases.

“I was very angry; I just kept saying, how can they do that? How is that possible in the United States that they can do this?” D’Ann Loop of Brownsville recalled. “They put up a fence in front of our land and then keep us in here — lock us in. I didn’t understand. I was very — I was floored and flabbergasted.”

Because they lost in court, Loop’s property is now on the Mexico side of the fence. They are now isolated from their country and need to return to their own country through a locked gate.

Pat Bell of River Bend, who doesn’t believe the wall will work, said, “I would go to the people who are in charge and…I would get a lawyer.”


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