Trump Racist FAIL: No D.C. Public Schools Were Invited To The White House Easter Egg Roll

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The New York Times and the Washington Post gave fairly nice reviews of the Easter Egg Roll at the White House, but there might be something they overlooked. Actually, one thing they didn’t see at all: Black children.

Under Obama, children from the predominantly-Black D.C. area schools were invited to the festivities, taking part in a 139-year-old tradition. This year, they weren’t.  Nearly the entire crowd was white. But the lack of diversity doesn’t end there. Not inviting children of color is bad enough, but every band that performed on the Bunny Hop Stage were white bands or primarily white bands. Among them, the Martin Family Circus—who sang a Jackson Five song…and a slavery-era folk song.

This event didn’t include children from the very schools that surround the White House, but according to Kellyanne Conway, “America should thank them for putting on such a beautiful event.”

This is an administration that has Jeff Sessions as the attorney general, Steve Bannon is an advisor, and led by Donald Trump. And they just celebrated the resurrection of a poor Middle-Eastern Jew by delivering the whitest White House event in 139 years.

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