The White House Just Confessed The Real Reason For Syria Attack, Prepare To Be OUTRAGED!

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Trump’s missile attack on Syria, despite being a failure and possibly unconstitutional, was praised by many Republicans, including John McCain, who were happy to see Trump take action. That might even be a reasonable feeling—if Trump were taking action to help Syrians and remove Assad. That’s actually not the case. As Jim Acosta reports:

Trump has no plan. He just wanted to bluff Assad with a pretty devastating bluff, which White House Officials called themselves on. This reality TV style attack is already putting more strains on U.S. and Russia relations, as Russia threatened to take action against the U.S. for the ultimately meaningless airstrike.

Trump wants to look like he is taking charge, but doesn’t really want to do anything. The airstrike amounted to nothing more than a slap on the wrist, and the rest of the world now knows that this is how Trump responds to crimes against humanity.

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