The “Trump Slump” In Travel Is Costing America Billions, NO ONE Wants To Visit America Anymore

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Trump is about to cost the travel industry, which employees 15 million people, at least a $7 Billion loss. Professionals within the industry are in panic mode that Trump will cause a financial decline to the U.S.’s $250 billion industry. This even has a name: The Trump Slump.

ForwardKeys, who calculate travel numbers, determined that, after Trump issued the Muslim travel ban in January, the industry took a 6.5% loss. Travel Weekly magazine estimates the dropoff to be at 6.8%. And the Global Business Travel Association concluded that “45 percent of European business travel professionals say they are less likely to schedule meetings or events in the U.S.”

The world is sending a message: they don’t want to spend their money in a country where the President is anti-immigrant, Islamaphobic, and anti-refugee. International tourists are deciding to stay away. And it’s from all over the world too: “Even white, Anglo-Saxon people, who are most of our customers, they are afraid of crossing the border,” Al-Qanun, a Toronto travel agent, told the Times. “They don’t want to end up in some prison.”

Now, Travel industry experts are desperate, so much so that Roger Dow, CEO of the U.S. Travel Association, wrote a letter to Trump, stating:

“Mr. President, please tell the world that while we’re closed to terror, we’re open for business…let’s work together to inform our friends and neighbors, who could benefit from reassurance, not just who is no longer welcome here, but who remains invited.”

“America First” is becoming “America Alone.”

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