The Secret Service Tab For Protecting Eric and Don Jr. Is Outrageously High, Guess How Much They Spend On Limos Alone?

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The Trump family keeps spending more and more of the American taxpayers’ money. The newest story, from CBS, in the growing travel bill the Trumps are charging the United States is Eric Trump’s visit to Ireland to promote their Doonbeg golf course.  Not only did the Secret Service have to pay $11,261 in hotel costs, but the government also paid $4,030 for Eric’s limousine transportation. These costs don’t include costs such as airfare, meals, travel, or salaries for the Secret Service once they were in Ireland.

The cost of this trip just adds to the growing frustrations of how much the Trumps will cost the country, such as the new reports on the total price tag of Trump’s travel, New Yorkers asking Melania to leave, and the outrageous costs of the Aspen vacation.

Eric confirmed that the family had a lot of interest in Doonbeg, and “put a lot of money” into new projects as long as the golf course doesn’t wash away into the sea. So, once the Trumps make a deal with Poseidon, their property is going to be beautiful. And Trump, of course, wished he could be there. Eric said in a local radio interview that Trump “is a guy who loves this property, he loves Ireland, he loves everything about it and he is stuck with the most difficult job in the world.” Surely, the rest of the world would be very understanding if Trump wanted to go back to being a businessman and get out of that horrible president job.

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