The Numbers Are In, Guess How Much Donald Trump’s Lifestyle Will Cost Taxpayers If He Stays For 8 Years?

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Trump’s travel costs are racking up pretty quickly. In his 82 days as President,  he’s spent 21 days at Mar-a-Lago, 17 of which he was golfing. These trips have cost $21.6 million, not including Secret Sevice. It also strains the resources of Palm Beach County drastically. This number also doesn’t include the amount spent to keep Melania and Barron in New York, or his children’s vacations. Obama spent $97 million on travel in 8 years. Trump is going to spend that before the end of his first two years.

What does this mean in the long run? If Trump serves two terms, his trips to Mar-a-Lago alone will cost over $800 million in taxpayer money. But Mar-a-Lago isn’t his only expense. The Secret Service, who are “flat-out worn out,” requested another $60 million in funds for just next year. If this is going to be needed every year, over eight years, that’s another $420 million, already putting the cost of Trump’s lifestyle over $1 billion.

Still, this is only in regards to Trump. When factoring in the expenses his children have been building, going over $1 billion may not take eight years—it might not even take 4. When the extended family went to Aspen, they needed almost 100 Secret Service agents.  Eric Trump’s trip to Uruguay cost Taxpayers almost $100,000 just in the hotel bills.

With all the cuts Trump is making to Education, Health, and several other programs (like Meals on Wheels), it’s impossible not to see his hypocrisy.

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