The Hosts Of “The View” Call Trump Out For His Tax Return LIES, They Can Prove He’s Just Fooling Us All [WATCH HERE]

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Trump is still trying to claim that he can’t release tax returns because he’s “being audited”—an excuse he used since he began his campaign in 2015. And he keeps promising to release them…someday, or “at the appropriate time,” as he said on Meet the Press. The last available tax document available on Trump? 2005. Trump is claiming that he’s been under audit for at least 12 years. The View’s Sonny Hostin called him out on this claim.

“If you are, the IRS sends you a letter indicating that you’re under audit and he can release at least that. But the IRS statute of limitation is three years, but it extends to six years if you leave out 25 percent of your gross income. So, if you substantially omit some information, it extends to six years. If he’s been under audit for 12, 20 years, that doesn’t make sense, right?”

She also recalled one of Trump’s most bizarre defenses on his audits. “Chris Cuomo, my friend, asked him, ‘Why are you always being audited.’ He said, ‘Maybe because of the fact that I’m a strong Christian.’”

The obvious fiction about his “audits” show his hypocrisy. During the 2012 election, he demanded that Gov. Mitt Romney release his taxes because “It’s a great thing when you can show that you’ve been successful and that you’ve made a lot of money.”

Hostin makes clear that if the IRS has been auditing Trump for this long, it’s because he’s being dishonest with them.

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