The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah Exposes Donald Trump’s WORST TRAIT, THIS IS HYSTERICAL!

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The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah think that Donald Trump might be a “performance artist”, much like Alex Jones.

“I see why Donald Trump has always liked Alex Jones,” he said of the president, who eagerly appeared on Jones’s conspiracy theorizing show during the 2016 campaign. “They’re basically doing the same thing.”

“Trump is also a character who whips people up with whatever provocative bullshit works, and then when it suits him he steps away,” Noah continued. He may have said he wanted to “drain the swamp” during the election, but by the time he got into office he apparently lost interest.

“On the campaign, he’s like, ‘China is raping us on trade everybody!’” he added. “And then all of a sudden, he goes, ‘President China ate my cake, it’s cool, we’re good now.’”

“Maybe Trump is also a performance artist. Maybe this is all a scam,” Noah said, noting how “crazy” it would be to find out in court one day that Trump “the entire time has been somebody else.”

“‘Oh my God, Melania, the people are just, they’re so insufferable, I really can’t handle it,’” Noah imagined the real Trump saying behind closed doors in an upper-crust British accent. “They’re just the worst, they really are, just the worst.”

Sadly, as we learned in the infamous “grab ‘em by the pussy” Access Hollywood tape, Donald Trump is only more crude and disgusting when he thinks no one is listening.


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