Studies Confirm Trump Voters Were NOT Motivated By “Economic Anxiety”, Can You Guess Why They Voted Trump?

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It might now be labeled “politically incorrect” to say that people voted for Trump because they are bigots, but according to The Intercept, that’s much closer to the truth. As Philip Klinkner, a political scientist at Hamilton College, said, “Whether it’s good politics to say so or not, the evidence from the 2016 election is very clear that attitudes about blacks, immigrants, and Muslims were a key component of Trump’s appeal.”

The common counterargument is that Trump voters were driven by economic concerns, but after reviewing a recent report by the American National Election Studies, Klinker concluded that it was attitudes towards people of different races, religions, and ethnicities that inspired the vote.

For example, Oklahoma citizen, Judy Banks, said to the New York Times that she voted for Trump because “he was talking about getting rid of those illegals.” Now she’s afraid that Trump’s budget cuts will cost her the job she was set up with through the Labor Department’s Senior Community Service Employment Program.  Yet, despite  saying “If I lose this job, I’ll sit home and die,” Banks is still going to vote for Trump in 2020

This is a common theme among Trump supporters who regret their votes. They are worried about their jobs, but still want to vote or at least defend Trump because of his anti-immigrant and Islamophobic stances. In fact, these stories are becoming their own profile genre for Newspapers. It’s doubtful that even losing their jobs would make them change their vote in 2020.

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