Sean Spicer Acts Like A WHINY CHILD When Asked About Melissa McCarthy’s Portrayal Of Him On SNL

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Sean Spicer says he’s “usually fast asleep” by the time “Saturday Night Live” airs, but he thinks it would “probably be good for the show” if Alec Baldwin were to stop playing President Trump.

Baldwin told the entertainment news show “Extra” last month that he might give up his role as the commander in chief because he was unsure “how much more people can take it.”

Spicer, who as White House press secretary has also been a favorite “SNL” target, suggested Monday that such a move would be welcomed.

“That’s great,” Spicer said in an interview at the White House Easter Egg Roll. “Obviously, it’s crossed the line from being funny to being bad and mean, so it’s probably good for the show,” Spicer said.

Spicer declined to respond to the latest “SNL,” in which Melissa McCarthy reprised her impression of him, sporting an Easter Bunny costume while apologizing for recent real-life comments calling concentration camps “Holocaust centers.”

“I’m focused on the Easter Egg Roll and obviously on a lot of policy issues that are facing us,” Spicer told “Extra,” when asked about the April 15 skit. “That’s what we work for every day, to make sure that we’re focused on the president’s agenda, and I will keep all that to be for others to decide.”

When asked generally about McCarthy’s impression by CNN on Monday, Spicer replied with a chuckle, “I’m usually fast asleep by the time that comes on.”

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