Saturday Night Live And Alec Baldwin HUMILIATE Jared Kushner, This Is BRUTAL! [WATCH HERE]

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Alec Baldwin returned as Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live, and as usual, IT WAS FANTASTIC!

The episode made history as the first in the long-running sketch comedy series to broadcast live on both coasts.

Baldwin reprised his role as Trump while Beck Bennett appeared beside him in the oval office as Mike Pence. Baldwin’s Trump ruminated on his first 100 days in office and his accomplishments. “Hard to keep track of it all.”

“Nominated Neil Gorsuch,” Bennett said.

Baldwin then called for his advisors to enter: Steve Bannon, in the form of the grim reaper and his “little kush ball”, Jared Kushner, played by host Jimmy Fallon in sunglasses and a bulletproof vest.

In a spoof of Trump’s former NBC reality show The Apprentice, Baldwin kicked one of his advisors out of the oval office to “join Kellyanne Conway in the basement.”

Baldwin presented a glamour shot of Fallon, announcing him as winner, while Bannon’s skeletal form was taken “back to hell.”

Fallon then took Baldwin’s place behind the Oval Office desk as Baldwin made his way to “his desk”, a smaller version with an expandable, colorful toy ball.

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