Russian Officials Make Revolting Statement: Syria Gas Attack Victims Faked It

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Four years ago, a nerve gas was dropped on Syrian women and children, and the Russian government denied that it had ever happened. After footage of the attack in Ghouta, Alexander Lukashevich of the Russian Foreign Ministry said that “more and more evidence emerges indicating that this criminal act had an openly provocative character. So the talk here is about a previously planned action.”

Lulaskevich’s “evidence” that these attacks were staged are enough to make Moon Landing and 9/11 conspiracy theorists pause. He claims that videos were uploaded to Youtube the day before the attacks “allegedly” took place, because the time stamp said August 20th. But Youtube timestamps are based on Pacific Standard Time, 10 hours behind Syria.

Now Lulaskevich’s successor, Maria Zakharova, is using the same playbook. In a press conference, Zakharova said that the White Helmets had a “too-calm behavior…under emergency conditions.” The Russian government has long been trying to vilify the White Helmets, going as far as saying they were al-Queda.

Oddly enough, the Trump-supporting and conspiracy theorist site InfoWars had similar ideas, calling the attack a “false flag attack” that had been carried out by the White Helmets, who are “an al-Qaeda affiliated group funded by George Soros and the British government.”

In reality, many of the White Helmets “grew ill and collapsed from proximity to the dead.”

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