Obama’s Travel Expenses Were $97 Million Over Eight Years, Guess How Much Trump Has Spent In TEN WEEKS!

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In May 2016, Trump tweeted:

Trump attacked Obama for golfing several times and claimed that he wouldn’t be able to golf as President because he’d be too busy. He also routinely criticized Obama for wasting taxpayer money on vacations. After all, Obama’s travel cost an average of $12.1 million a year over his term.

Trump might want to look at how much he costs taxpayers, as he’s already needed $24 million for travel—about what Obama used in 2 years.  He’s already been to Mar-a-Lago for seven weekends, costing $3 million each time, and that’s not even including the cost of his family’s trips, or Melania and Baron staying in New York, which costs New Yorkers over $125,000 a day.

As many have pointed out, if Trump cuts back, the government could easily fund social security and arts programs—which he wants to cut. Altogether, Trump is looking to cut $597 million from government departments—just $3 million less than what it will cost to pay for his Mar-a-Lago trips for the next four years.

If Trump keeps up the trips to Mar-a-Lago, he will beat Obama’s $97 million over eight years in a mere ten months.  He is costing taxpayers about $2.4 million per week so far.

Hopefully, movements to get Melania out of Trump Tower and Trump to stop visiting Mar-a-Lago will work. The country might not be able to afford the President’s lifestyle.

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