Morning Joe DESTROYS Donald Trump Over His Dumb*ss Tweets, “Something Is Deeply Wrong With This Man”

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Joe Scarborough, a good friend of Donald Trump, railed on the President on Monday’s “Morning Joe,” on MSNB—wondering if the President has a mental disorder, considering how Trump attacks perceived enemies and obsessing over the disproven Obama wiretap.

“He’s repeated this over and over and over again,” Scarborough said. “His staff — like any sane, rational staff — would be pulling their hair out right now saying, my God. Instead, they keep making excuses for him.”

Apparently being the 45th President isn’t settling Trump’s fears. Instead of governing, he lied about the size of his inauguration crowd. “Something is deeply wrong with this man that he cannot show,” said Scarborough

The mental health issues that Scarborough talks about are much more intricate than just ill-informed tweets. After stating that Trump “cynically knew if he played the birther card that 45 percent of the Republican Party would be in support of him” he went on to say:

“That was in his self-interest,” Scarborough continued. “It was offensive, it was a lie, and it was racist, but his political self-interest was cynically forwarded just like a bigot in the South back in the 1940s would do that. In this case, everything he is doing just as offensive, but it is against his political interest. That’s where you start saying, ‘Okay, wait a second. There’s no rational reason he should be doing this every day, even if you think he’s a cynical, horrible human being.”

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