Larry King Gives BLISTERING Anti-Trump Interview, “Donald Trump Is The MOST Ridiculous President”

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Former CNN host Larry King says Donald Trump’s presidency ranks among the most absurd White House administrations of his lifetime.

Speaking to Sirius XM’s “Tell Me Everything,” King said:

“He’s not what they make, but I’ve got to admit that so far, this is one of the most ridiculous presidencies I’ve ever seen.”

King cited Trump’s “crazed” Cabinet appointments as one example of the administration’s alarming trends.

“It’s almost funny,” he said of Scott Pruitt, the Environmental Protection Agency’s administrator. “To run the EPA, he hires an anti-environment guy.”

“To run the Department of Education, he hires someone who doesn’t like education, doesn’t like public schools,” King added of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. “That’s weird, man.”

King added he is especially frustrated with the administration’s climate change policies Pruitt has implemented so far.

“Trump gets us out of climate change,” he said. “Who doesn’t notice climate change? It’s obviously caused by carbon [dioxide].”

“To act like it doesn’t exist, that’s insane,” added King, who hosts shows on Hulu, Ora TV and RT America. “Miami Beach is not going to exist after 2100. Come on. That’s climate change.”


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