Kellyanne Conway Lashes Out At Democrats, We’re Just “Unhappy People With Poison Keyboards”

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“There’s an old axiom: Everybody in politics wants to be in show business, everyone in show business wants to be in politics,” said Ken Sunshine, founder of public relations company Sunshine Sachs. “This is the merger. We’ve never seen anything like this.”

Indeed, Trump has turned the White House into a reality tv show, and his cast of characters, including Sean Spicer, Steve Bannon, Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner, and Kellyanne Conway are all getting used to being grand and bombastic personas, ripe for SNL mockery. But no one seems to be having a harder time than Kellyanne Conway, who  claims to have been blindsided by the fame:

“This is nothing I ever sought or expected. It’s not as if I said to my children, ‘Mommy is running for governor, or starring in a new film, so attention will intensify and the unhappy people with poison keyboards will get nastier.’”

Maybe Conway has a point. Sure, various networks threatening not to invite her back because of her meandering talking points that are different than Trump’s. And yes, she did coin the term “alternative facts,” giving college students a new reason to their professors on why there’s no evidence in their papers. And sure, she lied about a massacre—or offered an alternative history—to justify Islamophobia.  Certainly, she should be excused from scrutiny, right? It’s not like she speaks for anyone important.

Oh, we unhappy people with poison keyboards just won’t leave Kellyanne alone. (Poison keyboards are available at Target in the non-gendered sections, if you were looking for one).

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