Kellyanne Conway Accuses The Press Of “Ignoring” Trump’s “Achievements”, This Woman Is INSANE! [WATCH HERE]

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Kellyanne Conway thinks the media is being mean to Trump for focusing on his Russian connections. The same ones that already made Michael Flynn resign in disgrace and is now asking for immunity for if he testifies. Conway complained that:

“I know people talk about ‘fake news’ and ‘biased media,’ but it’s not just unfair coverage … it’s everything that doesn’t get covered. It’s the incomplete coverage.”

Conway herself has a shaky relationship with the truth, so when she criticizes the media of delivering fake news— it’s entirely hypocritical. Despite being named “Most Valuable Player of the Year” by the American Association of Political Consultants, both Republicans and Democrats of the AAPC are concerned that she is violating their code of ethics, according to Politico.

During the campaign itself, the AACP judges didn’t think she lied to reporters. However, since Trump took office, she’s gotten into plenty of trouble, from advertising Ivanka’s clothing line to making up the Bowling Green Massacre.

What she wants now is for news reporters to stop focusing on the bad aspects of Trump’s presidency, especially Russia, and turn their attention to all the “good” Trump is doing:  “Trump is doing – such as job creation, founding a new commission for opioid abuse and ‘unleashing(ing) energy production; clean coal, oil, natural gas…”

But it’s also Trump who wants to focus on fake news. He recently demanded that NBC stop reporting on Russia and start looking into the wiretapping Obama never ordered.

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