Justice Neil Gorsuch Has A DISASTROUS First Day On The Supreme Court, With Hopefully More To Come!

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When Trump nominated Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, the Democrats tried desperately to block him, and even planned to filibuster the vote until the Republicans chose the “nuclear option” and changed the rules. Their primary concern was Gorsuch’s lack of experience. Gorsuch is now a Judge on the Supreme Court—and from the look of his first day, the Democrats were right to worry.

While reviewing three cases that each dealt with the complexities of the law, Gorsuch appeared confused and lost. While deliberating on a case deciding which courts should hear discrimination claims filed by government employees, Gorsuch asked, “Wouldn’t it be a lot easier if we just follow the text of the statute?” But, it wasn’t that simple—the case in question had conflicting statutes, that, as is their job, the Supreme Court Justices had to interpret. Justice Samuel Alito, a conservative judge, appeared frustrated with Gorsuch’s ignorance. “This is unbelievably complicated,” Alito told Gorsuch. “The one thing about this case that seems perfectly clear to me is that nobody who’s not a lawyer — and no ordinary lawyer — could read these statutes and figure out what they are supposed to do.”

Later, when a lawyer asked if the Court would establish a new precedent, Gorsuch belittled the highest court, joking they would “continue to make it up.” Justice Elena Kagan replied, “This would be kind of a revolution — I mean, to the extent you can have a revolution in this kind of case,” followed by her and her fellow judges laughing at Gorsuch’s expense.

Hopefully, the other eight judges can teach Gorsuch about the law.

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