Obama Admin Volunteers Had To Save The Easter Egg Roll When Melania Trump TOTALLY Dropped The Ball

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More than 21,000 adults and children were expected on the South Lawn for the annual White House Easter egg roll festivities today, and thankfully, former Obama administration volunteers were able to save the day.

In the past weeks, with the White House Easter Egg Roll approaching, and just a skeleton crew in the East Wing staffing roster, volunteers were needed, stat. Answering the all-hands-on-deck call this weekend were more than 400 registered volunteers, many of them locals, according to a staffer familiar with the plans.

Most of the volunteers had already attended one of the four volunteer orientation sessions that have been taking place over the past two weeks at the White House, organized by the Visitors Office.

Led by new social secretary Rickie Niceta Lloyd, staff got to work, deadline looming, welcoming the free assistance from those donating their time, readying the White House for an onslaught of more than 20,000 anticipated visitors today.

According to a source who participated in the preparation the weekend, the volunteers — many holdovers from years’ past and former administrations — arrived at 10 a.m. ET, working alongside Visitors Office and Social Office staffers.

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