Jimmy Kimmel Tricks IDIOTIC Trump Supporters Into Supporting Charles Manson’s Visit To The White House

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Trump supporters should avoid talking to anyone with a microphone, but it seems like they can’t help jumping at the chance to make all Trump supporters look like idiots. Case in point, the new “Lie Witness News” segment on Jimmy Kimmel.

Trump decided to keep his visitor logs secret, unlike Barack Obama. This is a decision that doesn’t look good to anyone. As Kimmel described it, “It’s like when your teenage son borrows your laptop,  and when you get it back, he cleared the browser history—not suspicious at all.”

Kimmel took this and tested Trump voters to see what they were willing to support, saying some terrible people visited. Some responses:

Q: “Why do you think Donald Trump has decided to meet with Casey Anthony to discuss child endangerment?”

A: “She probably learned from her mistakes, or she’s learned something because she went through it.”


Q: “Do you support President Trump secretly meeting with Charles Manson to help keep America safe by getting inside the mind of a serial killer?”

A: “I think if anyone knows about that, then yeah, you should certainly find people that have a lot of experience in doing things like that. So if you need to have…firsthand knowledge, then maybe that’s somebody who should…have a chance to help out our country and out the president and stuff like that.”

Check out the video for more crazy replies—including a man defending Trump letting John Wilkes Boothe sleep in the Lincoln bedroom—as long as they weren’t in it together.

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