INSIDERS: Donald Trump’s Presidency Is “In Free Fall,” May Not Survive Entire Term

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In just over two short months, Trump’s presidency is in such disarray that he will probably not make it to the end of his term.  There are his attempt to ban Muslims from entering the United States, his efforts to impede on women’s health, destroy worker’s rights, and the biggest mark against him, as far as policy, utterly failing to repeal and replace Obamacare. Not to mention a little FBI investigation into Trump’s ties with Russia, and his former attorney general asking for immunity if he testifies. This has already made him the most hated President in history.

According to Axios, his failures and poor management of the White House has him “[feeling] baffled and paralyzed.” He’s even “created a toxic culture of intense suspicion and insecurity” because he is “often on the phone with billionaire, decades-long friends, commiserating and critiquing his own staff.” And NBC News reports that “after 10 weeks, Trump teeters on the brink…this is a presidency on the brink of free-fall.”

This leaves the Republicans in a bad spot. In an interview with the Washington Post, former George W. Bush speechwriter states that Republicans “are seeing a downward spiral of incompetence and public contempt—a collapse that is yet to reach a floor. A presidency that is failing. A party unable to govern is becoming unfit to govern.”

Even the former National Committee Chairman Michael Stern thinks that Trump will not finish his presidency—if we should even call it that. As Harvard Law Professor Laurence Tribe said:

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