Guess How Much Taxpayers Are Spending To Protect Betsy DeVos (Another Billionaire)?

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While Trump is planning to make drastic cuts to education—$9 million—and threatens education for low-income schools, the Department of Education is spending about $1 million a month on Betsy DeVos’s security detail. She’s actually the only member of the Cabinet spending this much on security.

This started February 10th at Jefferson Middle School Academy in Washington DC, a short distance from DeVos’s office. Protesters blocked DeVos from entering the school, making DeVos flee as protesters yelled “Go Back! Shame! Shame!”

This prompted the Department of Education to contract federal Marshals to protect DeVos, the first Cabinet Member to need outside protection in eight years.

The four-year contract will cost $7.8 a month for the first eight months—after that, the price may increase or decrease. The Marshals hired roughly two dozen guards, including 22 positions that range from $95,000 to as high as $146,000. This makes most of DeVos’s guards making almost, or more than, double the national average salary of a public school teacher, the people DeVos is supposed to work with.

While the cost of her protection is high, the real damage comes from her tone death approach. Devos believes in a voucher system so that students can go to charter schools, but this approach doesn’t work, as studies show. One issue is that even with a voucher, most students still can’t afford a charter or private school. DeVos doesn’t seem to grasp that, and her $1 million a month for protection from students and teachers won’t sit well with educators.

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