Glenn Beck Countersues Conservative Wacko Tomi Lahren, Turns Out Tomi Is Hiding A BIG SECRET!

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When Tomi Lahren said on the View that she is Pro-Choice, she was fired from Glen Bleck’s conservative network, The Blaze. She sued the Network for it, claiming that she was not only fired from her job for the remark, but that she was warned to stay off of social media, and even had her office door marked with a red “X” and caution tape.

But now, Glen Beck is countersuing, claiming that basically everything Lahren said is a lie. First and foremost, he stated that Lahren was never fired—they are still paying her as part of the “pay or play” clause, meaning that they are paying her to stay off the air.

Beck claims that the decision to use this clause came after a history of Lahren’s bad behavior.  Lahren apparently complained often about room temperature, lighting, editing, and more. Her treatment of the crew was said to be “inappropriate and unprofessional.” They had to lecture her on “word choice on air.” And finally, on bad behavior, “Lahren turned down a number of advertisers on TheBlaze for unexplained reasons, limiting any chance for TheBlaze to recoup its investment into her and her show.”

The most telling complaint is not about her work ethic or employment status, but is about her comment. The legal complaint states that  “[d]uring her appearance, she made a statement that not only diverged dramatically from her previous public positions but also effectively called many of The Blaze’s employees, viewers, and readers hypocrites.”

Beck loves to call people “snowflakes”… maybe he needs his own Snowflake Award.

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