Eric Trump Makes SICKENING Statement, “My Father Relates More To Blue Collar Folk More Than Anyone”

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Trump struck a chord with the working class during the 2016 election; in fact, blue-collar workers were one of his best demographics. Coal miners and factory workers came out to support him and rallied him on. But, as Eric Trump claims, this is nothing new.  “I have seen it my whole life,” Eric said in an interview with Independent Irish News. “He does a better job relating to blue-collar people than most blue-collar people, to the point that some people call him ‘The Blue-Collar Billionaire’.”

Trump, the billionaire who inherited millions from his father and called it “a very small loan,” who lives in a golden penthouse in the sky, somehow finds a way to relate to blue-collar workers so that when he shows up at a job site, the workers apparently “love [my dad]. You saw it through the election. All of the auto workers voted for him.” Of course, when any employer shows up to the job, the workers will act like they love them. However, Eric makes a point about those who didn’t, who showed up for him. Does Trump relate to them so well that he knows how to talk to them?

No. It’s just part of the character of Trump. Eric says that they are attracted to Trump’s “boldness” which is “certainly the brand.” Furthermore, “there is a coolness level” that appeals to blue-collar class.

Most of all, Trump appeals to their desires. “He is the guy that they often envision themselves becoming,” Eric says. He doesn’t emphasize with them; he just makes them want to be him.

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