Donald Trump’s Easter Egg Roll Attendance Numbers Are In And They Are PATHETIC! Trump Tweet EXPLOSION Imminent…

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Donald Trump’s first annual Easter Egg Roll wasn’t anything like it was during the Obama years, with a smaller crowd and less star power.

Trump insisted that there would be a big turnout for the biggest annual public event at the White House, making big promises about the direction of the country and the crowd size.

“We will be stronger and bigger and better as a nation than ever before and we are right on track,” he told the revelers, before guaranteeing “a lot of people — a lot of people — and they’re going to have a great time” at the event.

But his staff had previously announced that it was expecting around 21,000 people — about an average crowd in recent decades, though much smaller the 35,000 that showed up in the final year of the Obama presidency.

Even that number seemed high as much of the South Lawn of the White House was empty throughout the morning of the roll, with no lines for activities from the egg roll itself to games of bag toss and an Easter egg hunt for most of the morning. Costumed characters milled about at times waiting for kids to take photos with, while overeager volunteers jumping at the chance to help families as bands of rain periodically doused the thin crowd.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z were guests last year. This year, the biggest talent was the Martin Family Circus, a family band which played to a mostly empty lawn for much of the morning.

White House staff argued that they’d intentionally aimed for a smaller crowd than in previous years.

Sean Spicer said:

“This is about the children. When you actually scrape it back, last year was the last year of the Obama administration, they ratcheted the number up, I think there was a lot of issues with kids being disconnected and families being separated.

We wanted to get this back to a focus on the children. So if you look at the number of people here in terms of school allocations, military, it’s all the same. The public lottery is the same number of people. This is getting this thing back to the focus of being about kids and families and not about adults.”

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