Donald Trump Once Dated One Of Bravo’s “Real Housewives,” Can You Guess Which One?

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It’s pretty much a given that Donald Trump has dated a lot of women. And, it doesn’t come as even a little bit of a shock that he’s dated at least one reality star. After all, Trump WAS a reality star.

Bravo’s Andy Cohen has already mentioned that Trump would make a great Real Housewife, and on next week’s Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills reunion, we find out that he dated one of them.

Kim Richards, who was not a full-time cast member this season stops by part two of the reunion show, and before they get to the good stuff, Cohen asks her about a rumor he heard that she once dated Trump. Richards admits to dating Trump, but said “let’s not get into it… I had dinner with him.”

Lisa Vanderpump asks if the two slept together, but Richards only says, “I don’t want to talk about the President.”

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