Donald Trump, Jr. Tweets That Fake News Purveyor Should Get A Pulitzer Prize, IT DOESN’T GO OVER WELL!

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Donald Trump Jr. tweeted praise today for writer Mike Cernovich, a promoter of the “Pizzagate” conspiracy theory and rape apologist, saying he deserved a Pulitzer Prize for his scoop on a story about former national security adviser Susan Rice requesting the “unmasking” of American citizens connected to Trump in intelligence reports.

“Congrats to Cernovich for breaking the Susan Rice story. In a long gone time of unbiased journalism he’d win the Pulitzer, but not today!” Trump Jr. tweeted.

The tweet references reports that Rice, while still serving in the Obama administration, legally requested the “unmasking” of incoming Trump officials in intelligence reports. “Unmasking” refers to revealing the names of people whose communications and information are incidentally collected in broader surveillance of foreign targets, and which are normally redacted in reports.

Mike Cernovich was recently profiled on “60 Minutes” and is a disgusting human being. Trump, Jr. giving him any kind of praise is sickening.

And Twitter agreed:

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