Donald Trump Jr. Posts Another Dead Animal Vacation Photo, Immediately Gets A NASTY RESPONSE

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Donald Trump Jr. is yet again stirring the anger of social media, this time for posting a picture of what appears to be a dead shark that he caught while on vacation in Florida. While this was a catch and release, the apparent treatment of the animal is under scrutiny, considering his history of posting pictures of himself with dead animals.

Earth Touch News clarified that Trump Jr. didn’t break any laws, he just didn’t follow the Florida guidelines, which state:

“It is okay to take a picture of a fish while it’s in the process of being released. But a fish should not be held out of the water for long periods just for the purpose of taking a picture.”

“Whenever possible, take pictures of the fish while in the water.”

Looking at the picture, it is clear that they did not follow these instructions:


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