Donald Trump Has Been In Office For 80 Days, Guess How Many Days Were Spent On A Trump-Owned Property?

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Trump loved to complain about Obama’s vacations and golfing, repeatedly tweeting about the “unbelievable” habit. Here are just a few:

If he actually cares about the American taxpayer, Trump must feel a lot of self-loathing right now. A new analysis from the Washington Post shows just how much time Trump has spent in one of his hotels or at Mar-a-Lago, his “Winter White House.” Since taking office on January 20th, over three months, he went to one of his properties every 2.8 days. For 35.9% of the days he’s been in office, Trump visited a property he profits from. And while Obama went golfing every 8.8 days, Trump is off to a pretty good head start, already spending 17.9% of his presidency on the green, or, every 5.6 days.

Trump’s vacations are costing Americans millions of dollars. In Mar-a-Lago, the situation for the locals is so bad, they have asked him to stop going. And as far as expenses on travel, Trump already spent in 10 weeks what Obama spent in 2 years.

It will be interesting to see how he defends this in 2020.

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