Donald Trump Gets BETRAYED By His Biggest Supporters, This Is BIG LEAGUE!

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Trump’s approval ratings have been in freefall almost since he took office, and the newest poll from Investor’s Business Daily/TIPP has him at a 34% approval and 56% disapproval. These numbers are lower than Obama ever reached, and “haven’t been this low since President Bush’s last months in office.”

The IVP/TIPP poll also show a shift in Trump’s core supporters. Among white men, he dropped from 58% to 49%. In rural areas, where Trump thrived, he fell even more—from 56% to 41%.

From Gallup, there is an even more devastating picture. While he has gained support in the Appalachians, he is quickly losing support with military communities. He won 56% of the military community in the election. In February, their approval rating of Trump was 50.1%. Gallup’s most current poll has him at 41.4% approval.

The multiple investigations on Trump and his associates’ connections to Russia may play a part in this, but his attacks on freedom of speech and the intelligence community are sure to upset many members of the military community.

While it is important to remember that polling doesn’t predict the outcome of an election (something hard-learned in the 2016 election), it does suggest that more of Trump’s base is ready to turn on him come the midterm elections. In fact, Trump seems to be setting his party up to lose control of the houses in the midterm elections. The dwindling support of the military community may be the first domino falling, as many Republicans follow their lead out of respect.

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