Donald Trump And The Republican Party Just Gave The Go Ahead To Abuse Puppies, This Is OUTRAGEOUS!

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Trump loves wars. He has his war on Islam, war on immigrants, war on refugees, war on science, war on the media, war on Democrats, war on (certain) Republicans, and now…

A war on animals. What did puppies and kittens do to make Trump and his administration hate them so much? That isn’t clear, but the first thing Trump’s administration did when they entered the USDA was to remove public access to thousands of reports of animals kept by zoos, animal transporters, circuses, companies, and research labs.  Most of all, these documents indicated if the animals were being cared for humanely under the Animal Welfare Act. As Science Magazine reports:

The agency said in a statement that it revoked public access to the reports “based on our commitment to being transparent … and maintaining the privacy rights of individuals.”

USDA inspectors routinely visit facilities and upload inspection reports like this one to the agency website several months later. Labs, companies, and others covered by the act are also required to file annual censuses like this one cataloging the number and kinds of animals in their care.

Inspection reports contain little, if any, personal information about individuals.

Not only is this choice putting animals at risk, but it will hurt pet stores as well. Many states require pet stores to only sell from reputable breeders. Now, these store owners don’t have the information to know who is reputable and who isn’t, putting them in danger of accidentally breaking the law.

Maybe this shouldn’t be surprising, considering Trump calls women and enemies “dogs” regularly.

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