Devin Nunes Just Flew Home To His Home District, IMMEDIATELY Gets A Nasty Surprise

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Ever since Devin Nunes schemed with Trump about ongoing Russia investigations, he’s been having a pretty bad time in Washington. His dashing from staffers into an Uber that he used to sneak to the White House late at night sound more like the making of a Tom Clancy novel, not a responsible Chair of the House Intelligence Committee.

But this weekend, Nunes flew back to Fresno, his own district, and found that his troubles weren’t limited to D.C. When Nunes arrived, he was met by 300 protesters demanding that he recuse himself from investigations on Trump and Russia. Protesters held signs reading “Get out of Bed with Trump,” “What are you hiding? #Russia,” “Nunes Step Down Now,” and “Recuse or replace Nunes.”

While what Nunes is doing isn’t certain, he’s definitely delivering Committee information to Trump, which compromises the many investigations relating to Trump’s surveillance claims and Trump’s Russian connections. Whatever he is trying to accomplish, his constituents find his behavior inexcusable and want him to separate himself from his position of power, and restore credibility to the House Intelligence Committee.

“He’s not working for the people,” said one protester. “He’s working for the President, and that’s not his job. He’s here for us, and I feel his complicity in what’s going down.”

Another protestor yelled: “Come out and play, Nunes, you coward!”

Nunes is going to have to answer for his actions soon. If he’s smart, he’ll listen to his constituents.

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