Congressman In Intel Committee Predicts Trump Aides Will “End Up In Jail” Over Russia Ties

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The House Intelligence Committee’s investigation into Trump and his associates’ Russian connections have been dramatic already, with David Nunes passing information to Trump, and delaying hearings. While it seems that there might be little progress because of these issues, they are starting to unravel just how deep the Russian connections go—and it doesn’t look good for Trump and his friends.

Rep. Joaquin Castro, a member of the Intelligence Committee, said in an interview with Wolf Blitzer, that he “wouldn’t be surprised, after all of this is said and done, that some people end up in jail.” When Blitzer pushed for more information, Castro stated there was “hard evidence of collusion” and though he wouldn’t be able to comment further at that time, “my impression is that people will probably be charged and I think people will probably go to jail.”

This might seem drastic, but it shouldn’t be very surprising. Recently, Michael Flynn agreed to testify in exchange for criminal immunity. The very fact that Flynn feels that he’ll need immunity suggest guilt. Several members of Trump’s campaign have also agreed to testify, including Paul Manafort, Cater Page, and Roger Stone. The House Intelligence Committee have also “agreed to bring in key figures who worked with the Trump campaign and were in communication with Russian officials,” according to Rep. Peter King.

If several of Trump’s people end up in jail, it is hard to imagine that impeachment or Trump’s resigning won’t follow soon after.

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