BREAKING: Wife Of Arrested Russian Hacker CONFIRMS – Hacking Was Done So Donald Trump Would Win Election

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The intelligence community has been working on the Russian hacking case before Trump took office, and now it appears they’ve arrested a suspect. Reuters reported this weekend that Pyotr Levashov was arrested in Spain under a U.S. international warrant. As of now, the Justice Department hasn’t commented on the case since it is under seal.

The details emerged after Levashov’s wife, Maria Levashova, described what happened to RT, a Russian news site. Here is a translation of her statement:

“I asked for a warrant or some papers, and they said they showed them to my husband. With my husband, I talked in the commissariat by phone; he said that he was shown some piece of paper in Spanish without a seal and his photo in poor quality. Something was said about the fact that the virus my husband allegedly created was related to Trump’s victory in the elections.”

This is now the second Russian hacker the Spanish police helped apprehend for the U.S. In January, they arrested a programmer known as “Lisov” for leading a financial fraud network.

Claims of Russian interference of the U.S. Election have been ruminated for quite a long time, but at least there are signs of development.

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