BREAKING: Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell Both Received Campaign Money From Russia [DETAILS]

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Last week, the Palmer Report released a story claiming that Trump and his advisers were recorded admitting treason, and that Giuliani tried to make a deal with the FBI against Trump. And now they have more.  And of course, it’s about Russia.

According to Bill Palmer, two GOP Senate leaders are guilty of conspiring with Russia: Mitch McConnell and Majority Leader Paul Ryan. Two sources verified this information: Claude Taylor and ImpeachAgentOrangsky—both of whom have a history of being reliable.

These reports might appear to be the makings of a conspiracy theory, but last month, a host of reports came out of Russians attending the Republican National Convention, including Jeff Sessions speaking with the Russian Ambassador, and two Trump advisers meeting with a group of Russians.

If Palmer’s claims prove to be true, it changes the Russian investigation drastically. Right now, the investigation is focused on Trump and his team. But if Ryan and McConnell took Russian money, or worked with Russia to get elected, it might be the entire Republican Party that needs to be investigated.

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