China Deploys 150,000 Troops In Response To Trump’s Threats To North Korea, Is WW3 About To Start?

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Trump’s airstrike on Syria may cause a war—not between the U.S. and Syria or even the U.S. and Russia, but between China and North Korea.

The Daily Mail reported on Monday that China has deployed 150,000 troops to the North Korean border “to prepare for preemptive attacks after the United States dropped airstrikes on Syria.” This was after North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un condemned the airstrike, stating:

‘The US missile attack against Syria is a clear and intolerable act of aggression against a sovereign state and we strongly condemn it.’

‘The reality of today shows that we must stand against power with power and it proves a million times over that our decision to strengthen our nuclear deterrence has been the right choice.’

Not only is China sending troops to defend China, but according to the Korean news site Chosun, some troops will be sent to help potential North Korean refugees, reporting that “There is an observation that medical and backup support units will be dispatched to “train for North Korean refugees.”

Meanwhile, in Seoul, China’s top nuclear envoy met with South Korean leaders to discuss North Korea’s nuclear threats.

However, China was also critical of Trump’s airstrike. China’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said:

‘China has always called against using military force in international relations and for preserving territorial sovereignty.’

‘It is up to the Syrian people to decide on Syria’s future.’

If North Korea and China do end up in a conflict because of Trump’s airstrike in Syria, it may further damage the already strained relationship the U.S. has with China.

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