Before His Inauguration Trump Promised A “Full Report On Russia Hacking Within 90 Days”, Well GUESS WHAT?

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Donald Trump announced a report in a January tweet that said, “My people will have a full report on hacking within 90 days!”

But guess what…there is no report, and it certainly won’t be released today, the 90-day mark.

Spokespeople for the National Security Council denied any involvement in a new report, as did Rudy Giuliani – who serves as an outside the White House advisor to Trump on private sector cybersecurity issues. The White House would not answer questions about the report directly.

Rep. Adam Schiff, the Ranking House Intelligence Committee Member, said in a written statement it was “deeply distressing” that the president would “not only miss this deadline, but that the work has not even begun.”

“After castigating his predecessor for not sufficiently prioritizing the cyber threat, the President’s failure to demonstrate any sense of urgency on the matter is all the more inexplicable.”

If a report is not released on Thursday, it will be the second cybersecurity item on the Trump agenda that has failed to come to fruition. A cybersecurity executive order has been repeatedly delayed, despite the White House scheduling a signing ceremony within the first two weeks of his presidency.

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