Alex Jones Says Jared and Ivanka Are Now “Enemies Of The Republic”, Wait Until You Hear Why!

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On InfoWars, founder Alex Jones, and Roger Stone, an Alt-Right spokesman, did what usually happens on InfoWars—create conspiracy theories. Only this time, it was about Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner—who they referred to as “President Kushner.”

Their conspiracy tied Silicon Valley, media leaks, Syria, and basically everything Trump has done since taking office, to the powerful couple.

“It’s them, it’s them — it’s his daughter and son-in-law who are literally enemies of the Republic!” Jones exclaimed.

Stone first suggest that the chemical weapons attack was a hoax, with the intent to make Trump go to war in the Middle East.  “What’s interesting to me is this push by the generals, which I believe is aided by [Kushner], to essentially shed the non-interventionist position that he stuck to very closely in the campaign and become George W. Bush,” Stone said. “The people, if they wanted a neocon, they would have elected Jeb (Bush).”

Jones went after the media leaks, calling them a “jihad” against “hardcore conservatives and patriots,” such as Steve Bannon. He suggested that the White House blamed Bannon for recent failures, especially the travel ban and the Healthcare Bill.

Stone agreed. “Bannon’s a fighter, and I do think he will survive, but what we have to figure out is whether his role is diminished,” Stone said. “One obvious problem is that he really hasn’t spent any capital to bring other nationalists who supported Trump into the White House.” This is actually not true. Bannon not only brought in several Breitbart members, he’s also even hired a European Nazi.

To hear it all, watch the video below:

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